Dr. Katja Manzl

Lawyer, Partner


T +49.89.2000 568 20


German and English


Dr Manzl is a co-founder of ENDEMANN.SCHMIDT.

She advises publicly and privately founded hospitals throughout Germany in the area of public hospital law, focusing on the areas of hospital planning and funding law.

Dr Manzl is also known for her proven expertise in the area of supplementary pension law. In this area, she advises and represents predominantly private medium-sized and larger corporations as well as companies and associations organised under public law throughout Germany. She is also regularly consulted by colleagues as an expert when more complex issues regarding supplementary pension law arise in a mandate.

In addition, Dr Manzl has a focus in the area of competition and trademark law and manages portfolios of her clients, some of which are very extensive.

After her degree in law from the University of Passau and the following legal clerkship with a focus on trademark and competition law, Dr Manzl obtained her doctorate in 2000 from the Fernuniversität Hagen. She was admitted to the bar in 1997, and, after starting her career at a well-known commercial law firm, worked as a partner for many years in a medium-sized law firm in Munich specialising in advising hospitals. In 2014, she became a co-founder and partner (shareholder) of ENDEMANN.SCHMIDT.

T +49.89.2000 568 20

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