Medical Service Centers, Senior and Nursing Care Facilities, Medical Group Practices

The entire health care industry represents a specific professional area of focus for ENDEMANN.SCHMIDT.

Our attorneys have been advising medical service centres (or “MVZs”) ever since the legislative introduction of these institutions, and are also highly familiar with the legal and practical problems that emerge from collaboration with hospitals.

Senior care and nursing care facilities are subject to particular legal restrictions. We know these restrictions, as well as the practicable solutions that result from these problems. Our attorneys rely on their well-tested and proven experience, which they accumulated over many years of advising such facilities in their many forms of ownership/funding. This also includes experience, likewise well-tested and proven over the years, in the transactional business conducted with regard to these facilities.

From their many years of experience, our attorneys are highly familiar with the problems that arise from the founding and liquidation of medical group practices, and in this area as well, they are happy to provide the best possible solutions for our clients. Here too, we are at our clients’ side with guidance and resources for all questions pertaining to medical law – for example, for issues involving disputes with legal or private health insurance schemes.