Hospitals in Municipal, Private and Ecclesiastical Leadership

For several years, our attorneys have been providing legal counsel to hospitals funded under various trusteeships, as well as of various sizes, and possess comprehensive and widely tested experience in the solution of various hospital-specific problems.

We advise municipal hospitals of various sizes, which has afforded us the opportunity to become deeply familiar with the interplay between economic and political decisions within the various decision-making bodies. Our consulting advice is additionally guided by our conscientiousness with respect to political and regional significance of a hospital. Not everything that is legally conceivable can be implemented in practical terms. We attach the greatest importance to viable practical and legally sound resolutions.

Privately funded hospitals (private hospitals), especially those held by corporations operating throughout Germany, are positioned differently. We know the customary obligation to report “to the next higher up” and the challenges associated with this. At the same time, we know the problems associated with the Germany-wide management of various companies in various regions, and also develop legally sound, customized and viable solutions in this area.

Our team of attorneys is also highly familiar with the various aspects that are part and parcel of providing legal counsel to religious institutions acting as entrepreneurs (both Protestant and Catholic). Providing counsel on labour agreement guidelines as well as on all matters of ideological protection are both a matter of course. The unique aspects of decision-making within the church organization are not foreign to us. It is therefore of paramount importance to ensure that the unique aspects of the respective doctrine be taken into account when developing the solutions we propose.