Commercial & Corporate Law

For all matters that pertain to commercial and corporate law, we provide legally unassailable solutions in which we have specifically focused on the ability to implement them practically and reliably.

We support our clients in the formation of their companies, the structuring of their financing and in capital measures; we help guide them through crisis situations, and defend their interests when facing liquidation. In the process, we establish legally sound corporate bases, taking into account all economic implications. In addition, we advise on the legal matters affecting day-to-day business operations (“corporate housekeeping”), such as in the consulting on management board and CEO matters, supervisory board matters, and the preparation and administration of partner and annual shareholder meetings.

Furthermore, we help our clients navigate judicial and extrajudicial disputes in any cases of conflicts between shareholders or artners, and arrive at consensual, practicable solutions – even when the situation feels like it is beyond hope.

In addition, for clients in various industries, we draft general business terms and conditions, supplier and service relationships, as well as commercial contracts of all kinds.